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Asajj Ventress - Star Wars Mighty Muggs Wave 5

Asajj Ventress Star Wars Mighty Muggs Wave 5
Asajj Ventress is a former affiliate of the Jedi Order and villian of the Galactic Republic. She wields two curved handled lightsabers with exceptional skill. On the planet Rattatak she defeats every other combatant in an arena battle and claims to be a Sith. Count Dooku watched her performance and then laughed at the notion of her claiming to be a Sith. A short battle took place in which Dooku rendered Asajj defenseless with force lightning. Seeing the potential to build upon her hate for the Jedi he took her in as an apprentice. Darth Sidious eventually assigns her the task to kill Anakin Skywalker. Actress Nika Futterman voiced the character in The Clone Wars movie in 2008. The Mighty Mugg above portrays her in her well known robes with her double lightsabers.


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